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FLOWPET-EG is an OVAL flowmeter primarily intended for use in boiler feed water and fuel oil metering applications. Field proven accuracy and long life along with the best price/performance and ease of use makes this industrial meter ideal as a dedicated tool for heat control.


  • Available in two product families - for water service and fuel oil service.

  • Newly designed electronic register shows total flow and instantaneous flow on a digital LCD at the touch of mode select switch. Meter face can be oriented in any angle upward or downward over 180 degrees.

  • Electronic register equipped model has an internal battery (good for 8 years), which eliminates the need for an external power source. (Operation on external power source is recommended for the pulse output models).

  • Factored pulse width is variable in 1ms steps with front panel buttons (adjustable 1 to 999ms).

  • Simulated outputs available. A 1Hz or 10Hz simulated pulse train is available for loop test.

  • Reliable engineering-unit pulses for total flow and high-pulse-rate output available for flow indicator.